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My Friend the Whale
A place to enjoy water sports with Pororo and friends and the whale that saved them from the evil shark! There are various massage options for parents to take a breather as well.
Slippery Sled Slide
A play area where children can ride on slides next to Pororo and Crong in their sleds! Area designated for toddlers and small children.
Tong-Tong’s Magical Room
A warm sauna to rest away your tiredness for more play! Health benefits include increased nerve and muscle health through enhanced blood circulation.
Harry’s Pool
An all-ages pool for the whole family.
Rody’s Bucket
The robot Rody’s bucket filled with water will tip over! A thrilling experience for the whole family.
Pororo’s Tub
Relax and enjoy well-being in wooden tubs at these outdoor hot springs.
Poby’s Resting Tree
Take a short rest from all the play at this tree in the middle of the park.
Eddy’s Submarine
Pororo’s friends were travelling the world on Eddy’s submarine, but it’s surfaced in the middle of Pororo Aqua Village! This is the park’s signature attraction.
Pororo’s Pool
An indoor pool that’s warm even in the winter and night! The large Water Wall can massage aches from playing too hard.
The Magical Cave Adventure
Explore a magical cave with Pororo and friends! What could be inside that wrecked ship? Float on this lazy river pool and explore the caves!
Pororo Sailboat
Eddy’s sailboat finally made it out to sea! The aliens Pipi and Popo have come to ride the waterslides, too! A good place to start a waterpark adventure.
Shark Attack!
Pororo faces off against the evil shark! Join Pororo on screen via the camera and defeat the evil shark together!
Tong-Tong’s Theater
Gather in Tong-Tong’s castle for some Pororo and friends song and dance!
Crong’s Winding Game of Tag
Go on an adventure with Pororo and friends in this lazy river pool! Enjoy the scenic attractions around as the tide takes you around.

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