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Follow the old Gyeongchun elevated road to Jade Garden, an exquisite European style garden.
 Opened in May 2011,Jade Garden has a variety of plants on its 160,000 m² (48,400 pyeong) site.

Urbanites are increasingly attracted to the experience of leisurely strolls, and a lot of thought was put into
HANWHA RESORTS to create a more stylish and harmonious place.
There were many ideas, but something was lacking in them.
A book was then found at the company’s library, “Eloge de la marche” (In Praise of Walking) by David le breton.
HANWHA RESORTS realized its dream of sharing many stories through walking activities.

A few years later…
In April of 2011, Jade Garden Natural Arboretum was opened at Gulbongsan Station
of Gyeongchun Line near Chuncheon.
Rest, spend time with your loved ones, and share stories in these gardens that bring the magic
of the European forest.

Jade Garden is a garden in the forest where you can laugh, tell your stories, and make memories.
Like the Rhododendron that treats 10,000 kinds of diseases, the sounds of birds and water are in harmony in the Rhododendron Garden. You can almost hear the love songs of young couples who profess their feelings
for each with the meadow background at Wedding Garden.

The European forest brings us back to our childhoods as it is the background of our favorite fairy tales like Cinderella,
Snow White, and the Smurfs.
Let’s experience the new meaning of strolling through the forest of Jade Garden,
where you can feel like you are in a fairy tale.


Identity – Noble & Modern Prestige
A modern touch was added to a luxurious and classical BI concept
JADE, The Symbol of Prestige
It expresses elegance and dignity along with European style under the concept of nature and health.

Purpose of Garden

Perfect relaxation in nature and fantasy Jade Garden Natural Arboretum
Concept of Garden
A little European in forest
Collect domestic and international useful plants that can grow in the central region,
it develops themed gardens, provide education on natural ecology,
and become a preservation organization to create a habitat where anyone can enjoy comfort. Jade Garden is also pursuing its goal of becoming a financially independent premium arboretum.
Environment of Garden
Area: 163.528m2
Plants : Total of 2,662 kinds, including rhododendron, blueberries,
maple trees, and irises
Themed Garden : Total of 24 gardens, including Dry Garden, Wedding Garden,
Moss Garden, Rhododendron Garden and Blueberry Garden
Main Facilities : Visitor Information Center (restaurant, gift shop 282-pyeong),
Glass Greenhouse
(Alpine Greenhouse : 30-pyeong, Cultivated Greenhouse (19-pyeong),
Small cafeteria (13-pyeong) 2 buildings

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