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Alive Museum Introduction

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A unique blend of relaxation and art

With Atelier Han, Hanwha Resort leads the charge in finding young, new artistic talent and brings their new art to the guests of the resort to create a unique, progressive art gallery. Atelier Han provides the opportunity to enjoy a unique cultural and artistic experience with the wide range of artistic styles and expression only available at Hanwha Resort

  • Supports young, budding artists.
  • Guests can participate in various events along with viewing the art.
  • Guests can experience a unique side of Korean culture and art only seen at Atelier Han.
  • Supports local projects to bring the local community together through art.
  • Address
    - Geoje belvedere: Gyeongnam Geoje-si, Jangmonk-myeon, Geoje-buk-ro 2501-40
    - Seorak Sorano: 24-1 jangsadong Sokcho, Gangwon-do

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