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63 Square Introduction

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Highest Joy! Square

Since its completion in 1985, 63 has been a symbol representing Seoul with the magnificent reflections from the golden exterior 63City has led the leisure life and art culture as an urban theme park, offering you a lot of attractions you can see and enjoy such as culture, shows, Aqua planet, restaurants, banquets and weddings The Cherry Blossom Festival and the Firework festival in autumn will give you memories to be treasured
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  • 63 SKY ART
    World's Highest Art Museum

    The world's highest art museum is 63 Sky Art. It is one of Seoul's top museums and is located about 240m up from the ground.
    You can enjoy a panoramic view of Seoul and artwork at the same time. It is a popular destination for couples who want to enjoy the night city view of Olympic
    Bridge and a cup of tea or coffee at the café.

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