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Gyeongju Room Information

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HANWHA RESORTS / GYEONGJU, where the beauty of Gyeongju's thousands of years of history is nestled. You can enjoy all four seasons in Bomun Lake Resort at HANWHA RESORTS/GYEONGJU, located in Gyeongju where the essence of the Silla Dynasty still lives throughout the city. Many historic sites of Gyeongju can be explored around the resort. You can also enjoy the clean and comfortable rooms and GYEONGJU SPRINGDOME, the waterpark that uses 100% natural spring water.

Main Facilities

  • Gyeongju Springdome 705M underground natural spring water with an exciting spring dome of heaven with our Gyeongju Springdome weeks.
  • Solnaeum With the natural beauty of HANWHA RESORTS/GYEONGJU in the background, the LIVE BBQ restaurant <Solnaeum> offers you food and drinks amidst the pleasing fragrance of pine.
  • Asadal Restaurant Guests are treated to traditional flavors and clean and beautifully presented dishes.
  • Silla Culture and Tourism Center Provides various info about Silla Dynasty, including free consultation on Gyeongju tour and free video lecture on Silla/ Silla cultural experience.
  • Gyeongju Wedding Hall The premium wedding hall equipped with the latest system of moving beam lighting will make the start of your new life more precious and beautiful.
  • Gyeongju Bread Gyeongju's representative specialty bread is made with the traditional artisan spirit of Gyeongju.
  • Skin Care Shop "Eeser" Foot + Shoulder massage, Body/Aroma therapy massage and others
  • Seminar Rooms The best place for various meetings and banquets!
  • Group Restaurant As high-quality restaurants suitable for large groups, [Echan] and [Happy] will make your day even more special.

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