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Haeundae Room Information

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HAEUNDAE offers a panoramic view of Busan's wonderful transformation. HANWHA RESORTS/HAEUNDAE is becoming the landmark of Busan due to its magnificent view of the Gwangan Bridge. As part of Busan's extravagant transformation, the resort was renovated in 2011 into a sophisticated and modern resort. The resort took its name from the province in Italy, where the Roman emperors took their holidays surrounded by great views of nature. Likewise, HANWHA RESORTS/HAEUNDAE was designed to see the magnificence of Busan at a glance. The hotel-type accommodations will provide you with a pleasant environment, and the exquisite cuisine at the sky lounge is delectably unforgettable.

Main Facilities

  • Café Olivia
  • Cloud32
  • Fish & Seaside Kitchen
  • Sauna
  • Screen Golf
  • Singing Room

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