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Yangpyeong부대시설 안내

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Through a variety of amenities, making a relaxed and happy memories.

- Capacity: About 30 people

- Reservation and ball rental are not available. (Bring your own.)

It is located in front of the condominium, and has 2 nets for 2 teams.


title Foot Volleyball Ground

The ground is made of soil, and 2 basketball baskets are also available on the 150-pyeong site. Availability is first come and first served. 

Phone number 031) 772-3811
Opening Hours

First, off-roading is a safe leisure sport that you can enjoy with your family and lover.

Second, it is very easy. Even if you're not athletic, you can ride an ATV and run.

Tel.: 031-773-3811 / Lee Ho-jin 010-7397-3811

Fee: ATV for 1 person – 10,000 won, 2 people – 12,000 won

Website: http://www.ypcna.com

title Off-road Experience

Experience exciting off-roading in the forest of HANWHA RESORTS.

Phone number 031) 773-3811
Opening Hours Sunrise ~ Sunset
Location HANWHA RESORTS/YANGPYEONG > Next to Lake Park at t

Clean air, shining stars in the night sky, and clean water—there's nothing like it.

Enjoy concerts with your loved ones in the midst of nature and let your worries flow away.

Size: Stage (Width 20m × Length 10m × Height 1m)

Capacity: About 4,000 ~ 5,000 seats 

 (Chairs installed on the lawn square)

For: Concerts, various events, public broadcasting, etc.

You can use the lawn square & snack house.

- Tel. 031)772-3811 (Ext. 8280 ~ 8281)

title Outdoor Venue

You can enjoy beautiful nature and great shows at HANWHA RESORTS/YANGPYEONG.

Phone number 031) 772-3811 (Ext. 8280)
Opening Hours

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